Do you want to maintain your plants like a professional? Years ago, special containers were created that take a lot of the guess work out of watering.  These pots have a reservoir in the bottom that holds extra water, but does not allow the plant to sit in it and drown. The water is poured down a tube which is also used to measure water depth with a dipstick. (just like checking oil in your car!). If your plant is in high light, the reservoir is filled to the “full” mark.  If in medium light, fill to “1/2”. In low light “1/4” tank may last the plant a month or more.  By checking reservoir water level and soil at regular intervals, you will learn how much water your plant is using each week, and if you go away for a week you’ll know how much water to pour in the tank. This is not foolproof, however. You MUST check water levels.  I’ve seen people fill the entire container with water leaving a plant floating, and I’ve seen people only fill a reservoir part way in high light.  The light, heat and airflow will always be a factor, but with sub-irrigation containers the dipstick lets you know exactly how much water your plant is using and when to add more.