Indoor Plant Winter Watering - Less is More

Watering your indoor plants during the winter months can be tricky. Most (nearly 95% of all plants) do not need nearly the amount of water as they do in the summer .

Plants should be left to dry out a little between watering .  Letting your plant dry out will protect it from root rot.  You can judge its dryness by its weight. Pick up your pot and if it feels light, water until the water seeps into the drain tray.  Only water when the plant feels light once more.  It’s important to check the soil all the way down to the roots before watering. Never water just because the surface is dry.

Of course, the indoor humidity of your home has a lot to do with the water needs of your plants as well. If your air is humidified, your plants should be able to go at least a few weeks or more between watering.  However, if your home is bone dry or you plants are near a heat source, you can safely water them more frequently.