Poinsettia Care

Here are 4 tips for Poinsettia care that will help you care for this festive plant, and keep it looking fresh through the holidays!

1.  Unpack poinsettias from boxes and bags as quickly as possible. Flowers produce a gas called ethylene. The ethylene gas gets trapped and causes the poinsettias to droop and look as though they are wilted.

2. Handle carefully! Poinsettias become bruised easily. Carry gently, and don’t drop them!

3. Keep the soil moist – not too wet and not too dry. Add water as soon as the surface of the soil feels powdery dry.

4. Protect your poinsettia from cold and drafts. Do not leave them on the porch or in the car below 50 degrees Farenheit. They are tropical plants and like warm temperatures.

We have many poinsettias to choose from during the holiday season, so come and take one home!